Why Businesses Should Advertise in Gyms

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Why Businesses Should Advertise in Local Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs

We are a unique business! Here at Fit1Media, we provide gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs with digital signage solutions and offer a cost-effective advertising solution for local businesses. Our digital signage solutions allow gyms to better communicate with their members. They can easily communicate with their clientele through our digital signage about their class schedules, COVID-19 guidelines, and their special events. The best part? It’s entirely customizable to their specific needs and is designed to fit in with their location and brand. 

Then we offer advertisement space for local businesses to get their name out there directly to their own community. Gym advertising The clientele that goes to gyms is often middle to upper-middle class. They can afford the unnecessary monthly expenditure of paying for a membership, and they have a disposable income to spend on future products or services. 

Why Local Businesses Should Advertise in Gyms

According to IHRSA, the average age range for gym members is 25-60 years. This is a diverse group of people to advertise to! If you’re a nutritionist, a real estate broker, nail salon, restaurant, handyman, etc. you have the ability to put your business at the forefront of your ideal (and local) client’s mind. 

Advertising is one of the marketing tactics that comes with an invoice. You must write a check to run ads or send out flyers and posters before seeing any results. I think people often shy away from advertising, not because of the cost, but because they don’t know if they’re going to get results and they don’t understand the long-term residual effects. Gym advertising, health club advertising, and fitness center advertising offer a unique way to reach your local customers. Think about it, if you knew for every $100 you spent you could produce $200, you would get out your checkbook and spend away, right? Also what happens when you bring a new customer in, and they become a loyal recurring customer who spreads how great your business is to all their friends and family? It’s entirely achievable with digital signage & marketing. 

Take the step! Advertise with digital signage directly to your community. Click the Contact Us link below to get aligned with the experts who can help your business grow.

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