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UCView Digital Signage Software is $25 per month per screen. This is included in our Digital Signage Content Management Packages.





UCView Digital Signage Software is $25 per month per screen. This is included in our Digital Signage Content Management Packages.

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UCView’s Digital Signage Software is one of the most flexible digital signage solutions on the market. We an authorized Reseller and actually use UCView to manage our own signage network. UCView’s content store features over 120 apps you can use in creating your signage layouts. HTML5 and Flash versions available. From facebook and twitter feeds to scrolling stock tickers and Youtube channel feeds, you are sure to find something you are looking for. Best of all – most of the apps are FREE to use.

Digital Signage Software Made Simple​

Easily CREATE & MANAGE media content on your digital displays.


digital signage solutions to match your business needs

Digital Signage Hardware
Use Your Own Hardware​

Don’t want to be tied down to proprietary hardware? You can use virtually ANY Windows or Linux computer as a player. Including all Raspberry Pi models.

Digital Signage Server Cloud
Flexible Hosting​

Our clients always have the option to host their signage content on their local servers or use our cloud services.

Digital Signage Server Cloud
Largest App Selection​

Get access to the world’s largest digital signage app store with over 120+ apps ready to be used in your content.

Drag & Drop Interface

Control your digital signage content on all of your screens from one location

Create, schedule, and update digital signage content playlists. Use pre-made templates or design your own layouts.

No programming knowledge is required.

Content Edit with UCView


Register. Schedule. Publish.


How it works 1

Choose whether you want to host content on your local server or our cloud server.


How it works 2

Register player(s) you will be using with UCView Software. You can use your own players or our players.


How it works 3

Publish your content from anywhere in the world using our web-based CMS.


Your content will be instantly pushed to registered players and displayed on all appropriate screens.

About UCView Digital Signage Software

UCView is a leading provider of digital signage software worldwide, offering world-class digital signage SaaS and servers based (with load balancing) and content management software that is reliable, simple to use, and cost-effective to operate. Our company’s mission is to enable the business convergence of digital display owners, advertisers and consumers. UCView has assisted in the installation and support of thousands of players in various markets, including educational institutions, retail settings, financial organizations, service stations, hospitality industries, and health-care organizations among others. The company is privately held with its international headquarters and software manufacturing facility in Northridge, California, USA.

UCView's Digital Signage Software

Since its inception, UCView continues to gain wide acclaim from customers, media, and analysts by offering state-of-the-art digital signage products, exceptional customer service, and engaging partner programs. Companies and organizations that are deploying digital signage networks of all sizes rely on UCView digital signage software for five key reasons:

  • Up-and-running in 15 minutes: There is no need to deal with complicated software installation or network modifications. UCView products are easy to deploy and use on a daily basis.
  • Expertise not required: All UCView products feature an intuitive web-based interface that ensures smooth product management without requiring your IT staff to be an expert in a particular solution.
  • Technical support: Specially trained UCView support technicians are available to answer customer calls and provide superior support.
  • Automatic updates: Every UCView player and server appliance are backed by automatic features and updates which ensure continuous operation and up-to-the-minute functionality.
  • Licensing fees: UCView offers a variety of licensing options to accommodate your budget, making it the most affordable digital signage solution available.

Powerful Expertise & Technology

UCView’s product portfolio includes a variety of digital signage players, ViewEdge servers (some specifically designed and optioned for specific markets), and the UCView hosted solution including digital signage software. Combining its own advanced technology with powerful, open-source software, UCView delivers an easy-to-use and comprehensive digital signage solution to support small, medium, and enterprise digital signage networks. The UCView portal allows you to manage large digital signage networks and provide departments or 3rd party companies, like advertisers or location owners, to interact with your digital signage network.

Community Contributions

UCView takes pride in serving its employees as well as the surrounding communities and has been recognized for its contributions and industry leadership. Our company is an active member of the open-source and free software communities, donating hardware, code, funds, and other resources to fuel open source technology innovation and collaboration.

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