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Digital Signage for Gyms

Digital Signage Solutions for Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs

For many gyms, communicating with members can be both expensive and time-consuming and most of the time provide very little results. Designing, printing, and distributing flyers for class schedules, events, and announcements can cost thousands of dollars and most of the time get thrown on the floor. Staff approaching members to advertise personal training and club products can be intimidating to your customers.

What is Digital Signage?

A very broad definition of Digital Signage is any Digital Screen used to display content. More than likely you see some form of digital signage multiple times throughout your day. You can see them in restaurants, gas stations, airports, on the side of the road, etc… Today digital signage is just about everywhere.

Gyms and Health Clubs Revealed Current Struggles in a Recent Survey

There must be a better way right?

Yes, there is! Digital Signage in gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs can allow you to quickly and effectively communicate your class schedules, announcements, and events to your members. It also allows you to passively market your products and services to your current customers. Here are some of the benefits other gyms and fitness centers have seen by using digital signage to communicate with their customers.

Benefits of utilizing digital signage displays in gyms

Digital Signage can provide many benefits for just about any business. Some of the benefits of using digital signage in your gym, fitness center, or health club are obvious. Saving money on printing costs or reducing clutter at your front desk are obvious benefits. But there are some benefits to using digital signage you might not be aware of. Increasing sales of products and services, generating additional revenue from advertising, and driving traffic to your website or social media are also benefits of using digital signage.

In Club Marketing Solution

Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs spend a lot of time and money bringing in new members. This is an essential part of running any fitness center. But most gyms and fitness centers offer much more than just a gym membership. Today many gym members can find supplements, smoothies, massage therapy, personal training, and much more at their favorite workout spot.

Easily Promote:

Personal Training​

Personal training is available in most gyms and fitness centers. Digital Signage can allow you to display trainers’ pictures and bios and even allow members to schedule a session. When your trainers increase their client hours, both the trainer and your gym bring in more revenue.

Corporate Wellness Programs​

Corporate wellness programs are known to provide many benefits to businesses. An effective corporate wellness program can improve productivity, increase a sense of community, and decrease stress in employees. Some health insurance providers even provide discounts on health insurance costs for companies with a corporate wellness program because employers with a corporate wellness program have lower average healthcare costs. Digital signage can display your corporate wellness packages with group discounts and other perks to your members. If just one of your members gets their employer to provide a corporate wellness program you could see an additional ten or more members to your gym.

Club Specials or Loyalty Programs

Some gyms use digital signage to advertise club specials or loyalty programs to their current members. Offer benefits such as deals on supplements, personal training specials, or even discounts at other local businesses in your area. This could allow you to establish mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses in your area which in turn would bring more members to your location.

Calculating the CPM of Digital Signage Advertising

Better Communication

The gym member demographic is unique. They are determined and ready to work to achieve their goals. They also want things to be efficient, especially in the way they communicate.

Delivering content to them effectively is essential. Digital signage strategically placed in your fitness center will help you increase brand awareness, promote sales, and keep customers happy. A study by Arbitron states 70% of Americans have seen a digital signage display in the past month, and 47% specifically recall seeing the message.


Digital signage is cost-effective and acts as an in-house advertisement. No more wasted money on printing flyers and other marketing material. Easily display all your content and information in one place and update it as needed. A Digital Signage Media Kiosk can easily replace the common dry erase board seen in many locations and allow you to highlight special programs, promotions, or drive members where you want them, i.e. your juice bar.

Increase Sales

Digital Signage is proven to increase sales of brick-and-mortar stores. A study by Nielsen showed that 80% of businesses saw a 33% increase in sales with digital signage versus static signs.

Additional Advertising Revenue

Digital Signage in gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs provides the perfect platform for businesses to reach the typically hard-to-reach gym member demographic. Gym members are not couch potatoes. They are typically active and harder reach with traditional television advertising.

Having digital signage in your facility can open up a new revenue stream from selling advertising space on the screen to local businesses in your area.

Why Choose Us?

Fit1Media offers a full-service digital signage solution for any gym, fitness center, or health club looking to ad digital signage to their location. Our in-house graphic designers can create custom content with your branding to seamlessly integrate with your location. We manage your digital signage remotely taking away all the stress and burden of doing it yourself. This gives you more time to run your facility. The best part is we can provide all this at NO COST to you. We even compensate qualified locations for joining our network.

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