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Gym Digital Signage Advertising

What is Digital Signage Advertising?

Digital signage advertising has a recall rate of 83 percent.

It doesn’t just reach people but makes an impression.

Customers don’t just glance at digital signage, they engage. Of the 70 percent of Americans who recall seeing a digital signage display in the past month, 47 percent specifically recall seeing an ad.

Plus, they remember what they see. Digital signage is a great way to raise brand awareness.

In fact, 55 percent of people who saw a digital sign could recall the specific message displayed every time.

Are you also looking for long-term influence?

Over 68 percent of customers agreed that digital advertising influences their future buying decisions.

Our digital signage displays reach customers in local communities. We place signage at gyms and fitness centers only, reaching a concentrated demographic. Members range in age from 25-60 years old (averaging 40 years old), own homes and businesses, and have an annual income over $75,000 per year.

We only feature a limited number of businesses at each location, so your business can stand out against the noise.

At Fit1Media, we focus on quality advertisements. We help you define your ideal location based on your target demographics, ultimately reaching local clientele for a fraction of the cost of other advertising options. You work directly with our in-house graphic designers to customize your content, so there is no relaying messages or long turnaround times.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses to reach their local target market. We offer several visually appealing digital solutions to fit your business’s needs.

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