The Impact of COVID on the Fitness Industry

Covid has had a huge impact on the fitness industry. As a result, the industry has gone through many changes. At Fit1Media we are rapidly expanding across the US working with gyms, fitness centers, and other industries. We offer digital signage solutions to help communicate with customers. Over the months of the covid shutdowns, golf courses, for example, reported surging numbers of people attending. While gyms on the other hand were forced to close because of the unknown risks associated with working out in a close area with other people.

Public Health Leaders advised

Public health leaders advised closing restaurants, bars, and gyms in the first few months of COVID-19 to err on the side of caution. As a result State and local officials consistently grouped gyms with bars & nightclubs as high-risk venues for infection. John Carrico a small gym owner in Seattle, called the comparison with bars particularly unfair. “It’s almost laughable. I mean, it’s almost the exact opposite… People here are investing in their health. They’re coming in, they’re focusing on what they’re trying to do as far as their workout. They’re not socializing, they’re not sitting at a table and laughing and drinking.” They are using tools and resources around them to help themselves become a healthier version of themselves.

The Fitness Industry Is Pushing Back

Now the fitness industry is trying to push back against the misleading narrative that gyms have no place in a pandemic. To reassure wary customers, owners have put in place – and now advertise – a variety of coronavirus control measures. Since the pandemic began, many gyms have overhauled operations. Many of them are looking very different. Many gyms check everyone for symptoms upon arrival. They’ve spaced out equipment and begun intensive cleaning regimes. Some gyms have even gone as far as to install advanced air cleaning machines. They also have a big advantage over retail and entertainment venues with having a membership model and not a customer base. This membership model means that those who may have been exposed to an outbreak can be easily tracked and contacted.

The Benefits of Gyms

The benefits of gyms are clear. Regular exercise improves sleep, eases symptoms of depression & anxiety, and helps keep your immunities high to fight off viruses like COVID-19. Because of this gyms are a vital resource to our communities.

Here at Fit1Media, we’re working with gyms and fitness centers to help them better communicate with their members during and after the pandemic. 

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