How Digital Signage Can Help Gyms Reopen After Covid

COVID-19, unfortunately, shut down many non-essential industries throughout the country. One of the most affected being the Fitness Industry. The $94 Billion Industry has needed to reinvent itself as circumstances are changing on almost an hourly basis. Gyms are reopening, however with new restrictions in place in order to keep the public safe. Digital signage can help gyms reopen after covid.


Reopening safely is entirely achievable especially with digital signage tools available to improve communication between your business and your customer base. Your business can display essential announcements about the new hours of operation, updated protocols, and safety procedures implemented. With changes in the world happening minute by minute, you will be able to update your virtual message as necessary! Using can help gyms reopen after Covid. Creating effective paths of communication demonstrates that you’re in control & on top of things. It will also reassure your customers that their health and safety are the top priority

Brand Association

Demonstrating that you can adapt quickly can help build a positive brand association. As new challenges arise action plans will need to be developed, implemented, and then communicated as quickly as possible. By executing these measures quickly and communicating clearly to your customers you can reassure them of their immediate safety and wellbeing. This allows the customer to feel safe to continue to use your business because you have created a reputation for professionalism and agility. Digital signage can help gyms reopen after covid by helping get timely and accurate information to your members.

We Can Help

At this stage, everything is still very uncertain. It is yet to be seen how gyms will further be impacted. Digital Signage is a way of connecting people in this time of uncertainty and using digital signage can help gyms reopen after covid. It improves the conversation between the business and the customer. As you plan your strategy, consider how your business could be reaping the benefits of digital signage.