How to Get Into Digital Signage

Digital Signage has become increasingly popular in today’s marketing and advertising climate. Companies more than ever need to communicate with their customers. However, getting started in the Digital Signage world isn’t the simplest feat. You need to think about what the Big-Picture is. How are you trying to help or impact your customers? Considering the overall goal you also need to keep in mind one of the most important factors: your budget. There can be hidden costs associated with getting your foot in the door with Digital Signage.

1. Location

You’ll want the location that you display your TV to be a high-impact area. Based on the location you’ll have to decide the optimal screen size, brightness level, connection type, etc. One of the biggest things to consider is the screen glare that the location will receive. A perfect location with a high glare during the day will make the screen virtually useless because no one will be able to clearly see what is on the screen.

2. Digital Signage Display

Choosing the right display for your digital signage project is essential, and can be a little tedious. There are many different brands and configurations to choose from which can be very time-consuming to search through. This is usually the most expensive part of a digital signage project. It’s better to opt for LCD commercial displays that have heat dissipation plates and cooling fans so that they can withstand long hours of air-time. These displays have better energy consumption, warranties, and ultimately last longer.

3. Hardware

After you find a display and the location the next step is picking out a media player if one is not included in the screen. Media players allow you to send content from your software to your display. Your media player should reliably support your needs without fail. Spending time and money picking out the right media player will benefit your digital signage project greatly. Another piece of hardware that you may have to consider is mounting hardware depending on the setup you are looking for.

4. Content Creation

There are different ways you can use content strategy to build your brand. One of them is through graphic design. Doing this the right way will create a visual appeal which is vital for an engaged audience. Choosing the right designer to delve into your image & message to best represent your business is so important!

5. Consider a Digital Signage Partner

Working with a digital signage partner is usually the answer for most companies that are trying to get into digital signage. It is important to choose the right digital signage setup to make sure you achieve the goal of the project. When you work with a professional team that provides a full-service digital signage package you don’t need to worry about logistics or requirements. As a result, you have a team that can include equipment, installation, content/graphic design, and ongoing network management.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a partner can help remove the strain of making these critical decisions. This is exactly what we do here at Fit1Media. A digital signage partner can provide you with a fully operational digital signage network in your business and manage the network remotely for you. As a result, you will not have all the added stress and cost of managing the screen or screens on your own. Our in-house graphic designers can work with you to create custom content that aligns with your brand. This way you’ll be able to effortlessly communicate with your consumer. Let us know how we can help!

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