Reasons to Consider Deploying a Digital Signage Media Kiosk

Digital signage and media kiosks tend to be two sides of the same coin. Often times they work very well together. Digital signage media kiosk end users are always trying to find ways to make displays more engaging. Interactivity is an easy way to do it. On the other end, kiosk end users need to find a way to attract users to the device. Digital signage can help with that task.

When you consider both of these facts a solution that combines both elements can be a slam dunk. Need convincing? Here are just a few reasons why they work so well together.

Interactivity equals better analytics

With advertising, the biggest issue is always how one measures how effective it is. For example, if you deploy a display in a mall, you can get a good figure of how many people walk through the mall daily, weekly, and monthly. With that information you can gain a rough estimate of impressions. But you can’t determine how many people actually saw and absorbed the information.

When you add an interactive element to the display, you can see how many people actually engaged with the content. For example, let’s say you deploy a display to drive up loyalty program members. The display itself offers advertisements on the benefits of the program. But users can also approach the display’s touchscreen and use it to sign up for the program. With this tool, you can easily get an idea of how effective your campaign actually was.

You can connect with people broadly and on an individual level

The best way to describe the difference between digital signage and kiosks is that digital signage is a one-to-many solution. Media kiosks are a one-to-one solution. Digital signage delivers messages to many people at once whereas a media kiosk connects with one user at a time.

When you combine the two, you get to connect with people on both a broad level and an individual level. Someone may never use the interactive elements, but they will see your advertisement. Or they go up to use the kiosk and experience that personal connection with your brand, product, service, etc.

You can make some extra money

No one is going to add extra expenses deploying devices like a digital signage media kiosk unless it boosts the bottom line. With digital signage integrated into a media kiosk you can easily make extra money in several ways such as:

  • Draw in more users with an attractive screen.
  • Sell advertising space on the kiosk for local brands.
  • Integrate an online purchase option for the product the display advertises.

These are just a few of the benefits of digital signage kiosks. While these devices are certainly not the right fit for every project, they are a good fit for most. By adding strong digital signage content to impressive interactive content, you can create a truly winning combination.